towerman1 on structure

TowerMan 1- Gunpowder on paper, wood structure- 30"x22"

These pieces are created by igniting gunpowder. The Tower Men reference Idealism and a level of sacrifice to achieve the highest possible incarnation of self. The Structures are reminiscent of the oil-derricks and windmills in the Texas/New Mexico areas.
The poignant nature of it for me, in a narrative fashion, is the character’s striving embodied as a physical manifestation or mutilation. The concept also references what I have found to be a Southern Mid-West mentality. This mentality syncs with many of my experiences in Texas and New Mexico: physical action is the primary accomplishment of a man. It is how is ‘measured’ or judged.


Dueling - gunpowder on paper, wood structures, 30"x48"

The guns and bombs are much more of an exploration of the toxic nature of the material as well as it’s power. The gunpowder destroys in order to create, which echoes a similar mentality of ideals formed by western expansion, taming of the west, and most militaristic processes used to ensure Peace. These pieces also reference Power and visible forms of that power. The guns, Colt 45’s, played a dominant part in the military and the shaping of the ‘Wild West’.

pigment and gunpowder on paper, wood structure

Bombs - pigment and gunpowder on paper, wood structure, 30"x22"


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