Your Word is Your Bond

I leave for Germany tomorrow. I finished this piece,”Your Word is Your Bond,” last night.

"Your Word is Your Bond" 22x60x15, gunpowder and goldleaf on paper, wood structure

There is a flock of Gold Leaf birds flying through the arm, but it is very difficult to see them due to the discoloration that occurred during burning.

Your Word is Your Bond_Detail

This piece had to be recreated after a bit of a mishap when I switched gun powders. I had to switch after running out of Winchester 748, which was a medium/low burn rate with a low burn temperature. (It is perfect for this kind of work, but hard to find and it takes months if you order it due to governmental restrictions.) I tried to use a Magnum powder… bad idea.

Here is the video of the mishap. it is kind of funny now, but it nearly torched my camera at the time.


Art Depot, thanks and goodbye.

We had the final, final art depot exhibition this Friday, May 1, 2009. Since I will be moving I think this is really the end for Art Depot’s exhibition days.

MAGIC GRAYMATTER EUPHORIA… featuring Michael Synatske, Nahuel Morales and Emily Bales.


Germany, you are the crucible. Dallas, I am on my way.

1_I am leaving in 2 weeks, May 17th, to an Arts Residency in Germany.
2_My wife has landed a job in McKinney, Texas (north of Dallas).

1_ It is in a small town named Hilmsen between Hanover and Berlin. My wife will accompany me and we will remain in Europe for about 5 weeks. Along the way we are staying in Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. We will probably take a few day trips to other German cities.

The town is tiny from what I hear.  (50-80 residents.) The residency is based around a compound of buildings forming a large central courtyard. The structures were built in 1920 or so and the owner has been involved in a constant renovation battle.
We have coordinated for a show from work made while we are in Germany, so this should really be a productive trip for us. The exhibition is at Tangermunde in an old church.

[ The guy who runs the residency and who invited us is named Hans Molzberger :: ]

2_ Well, now I will have to figure out what I we will do. Dallas area will offer more options than Lubbock, so this is really going to be quite beneficial to my art career. On the other hand I have to move my shop… As evidenced by the picture, that will be really fun.