Germany, you are the crucible. Dallas, I am on my way.

1_I am leaving in 2 weeks, May 17th, to an Arts Residency in Germany.
2_My wife has landed a job in McKinney, Texas (north of Dallas).

1_ It is in a small town named Hilmsen between Hanover and Berlin. My wife will accompany me and we will remain in Europe for about 5 weeks. Along the way we are staying in Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. We will probably take a few day trips to other German cities.

The town is tiny from what I hear.  (50-80 residents.) The residency is based around a compound of buildings forming a large central courtyard. The structures were built in 1920 or so and the owner has been involved in a constant renovation battle.
We have coordinated for a show from work made while we are in Germany, so this should really be a productive trip for us. The exhibition is at Tangermunde in an old church.

[ The guy who runs the residency and who invited us is named Hans Molzberger :: ]

2_ Well, now I will have to figure out what I we will do. Dallas area will offer more options than Lubbock, so this is really going to be quite beneficial to my art career. On the other hand I have to move my shop… As evidenced by the picture, that will be really fun.



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