Germany_Summer Residency_2009

I have been in Germany for 4 weeks.
In this time I have traveled around to a few villages and festivals and spent some time making art. I have also visited a few museums and cathedrals as all good tourists must do.

I am apart of a group show here in Tangermunde later this summer. (It is located in an old church that is now a museum.) I also have slated an exhibition for a Museum in Salzwedel in 2011. The Salzwedel Monkskirche Museum is another church with an intricate hanging system of wires. (see below)

Salzwedel Monkskirche Museum

Salzwedel Monkskirche Museum

The piece seen below was developed in Germany to comment on the serious issue of finding masculinity through tools of violence. I find the humor in the piece creates an easy entry point from which to discuss of the subject. The concept came about when the residency director loaned me his grandfather’s old shotgun, now a non-functional relic.
I asked friends on Facebook to help me title the piece, hence the working title : “Point and Shoot/ Two Pump Chump/ Perception Meets Reality {up and down}/ Get Glad and Sad in the Same Pants”

Point and Shoot / Two Pump Chump / Get glad and sad in the same pants

Point and Shoot / Two Pump Chump / Get glad and sad in the same pants

The largest pieces are about 60″ x 88″ wide. They are all made with some graphite and some lamp black pigment on paper. the saints are about 22″x15″ with some acrylic red and gold paint.

It took me 2 days to track down some wood. It comes in huge ruff planks that need a lot of attention. I cleaned up the wood to make a structure for “Point and Shoot/Two Pump Chump/ Perception {up and down}”.
(The difficulty in cleaning these up is really only in the time spent and in the quality of tools one has access to.)



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