Mercurial Imagination_ Abilene, TX

Ryder_ "Impossibility of Defeat/Reversal of Fortune: A ram vs. Abrams," graphite on paper, wood structureOct 23- Nov 13, 2009

“Mercurial Imagination”
Hardin Simmons University,
Abilene, Texas, 79698

Closing Reception with Artist Talk: Friday, Nov 13, 5pm

HSU’s Ira M. Taylor Memorial Art Gallery presents “Mercurial Imagination,” featuring the work of Ryder Jon Piotrs members Piotr Chizinski, Ryder Richards, Sue Anne Rische and Jonathan Whitfill. The work ranges from altered books and shredded text to gunpowder drawings and cast bomb forms. The work questions social class systems, the intangible form of knowledge, and violence in a modern world. The exhibition will take place from Oct 26-Nov 13, 2009. The gallery will host a closing reception featuring an artist talk and question/answer session on November 13, 5:00-6:30.

Ryder Jon Piotrs (RJP) is comprised of artists who have created an alternative method of engagement with the development of a Nomadic Truck Gallery. The gallery is a converted 24’ Ryder truck complete with white sheetrock panels and track lighting. Since it’s debut over 2 years ago the mobile gallery has prompted several group exhibitions for the RJP members. Most recently the group has shown in Dallas, Abilene, and Marfa. They have also hosted a national juried ceramics exhibition in Phoenix, Arizona.

For more information please call HSU at (325) 670-1000 or visit the website ::


Duchamp’s Pendulum: Restraint Is My Friend: 698 Miles


"Duchamp's Pendulum: Restraint Is My Friend: 698 miles" 2009, graphite, acrylic, cable, light, wood, 698 miles from Dallas to Austin to Marfa, 58"x48"x12"

This piece was developed after several conversations about the how my art is affected by the traveling across the Southwest with the RJP Nomadic Gallery. The premise is based on the idea that all art is only the remnants of an artist’s action. We only see the marks of the process and can only guess as to what actions took place and in what order. In the last 60 years there have been several artists experiment with action based art works.

The pendulum concept came from reading a Umberto Ecco’s “Foucault’s Pendulum.” The first chapter discusses the fixed point from all action draws it’s patterns and behaviors. The fixed point, naturally, becomes sacred and the pattern of motion becomes a reflection of the larger forces of the cosmos.

I set up restraints (side walls) on the piece so that it would be limited in range. This development came from a quote attributed to Marcel Duchamp: “Creativity is born of restraint.” I could not philosophically agree that the piece should be free to swing anywhere as it does not seem to reflect human nature, destiny, or the principles of travel in the nomadic gallery.