5×7 drawings {part II}

Arthouse at the Jones Center
“5×7 Annual Fundraiser”
Austin, TX

Arthouse holds an annual 5″x7″ art auction. This event has become the model for groups like the Texas Tech Univ. School of Art based group Medici Circle who also hold large 5×7 fundraisers.

I have been invited to take part in this years event, which is quite an honor.

The fundraiser is on Friday, May 14, 2009 with a preview party for participating artists and their guests on Thursday, May 13. Following the exhibition in Austin, “5×7 On The Road” travels to Houston and Dallas as well as Abilene, where the show co-benefits the Grace Museum.

(I can’t help but slip in a lengthy comment about the irony of the whole donate art situation: You always hear about the starving artist… the artists who need a major institution to help them achieve that next level in their career…  It seems like a strange karmic loop that as much as an artist wants to be recognized by these institutions so they can move forward in their careers, utilize the institutions reputations and capitalize on their resources these places need the artists, too. It feels so good to be needed. )


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