Speaking about Visual Art

I have been invited to lecture or talk for a prolonged period of time about my art.

University of North Texas: College of Visual and Performing Arts in Denton, TX has invited me to discuss my art with the 2D foundations students this afternoon. Apparently they have a couple hundred students and a huge projection screen which my work will be shown on. The bigger the better…
I have also been invited to Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania as a Guest Artist in April. I will be giving a presentation on my art, a demonstration of how I utilize gunpowder to make art, and visiting several studios.

I recently co-jurored the Young American Talent 2010 regional high school exhibition at El Centro College, Dallas.

I will also be doing portfolio reviews for ISAS 2010 Fine Arts Restival at St. Mark’s College Prep in Dallas in April. I will be doing a workshop of some sort… I don’t think they want me to do the gunpowder demo for a bunch of 15 and 16 year old boys. Go figure.


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