Portales Artist-in-Residence

Portales NM Artist-in-Residence Program _2010

May 13/2010_ Front page news “Artists move in”

Portales newspaper

WHEN: Sunday, May 16- Saturday, May 29, 2010

WHERE: Portales, NM

Visual Artists Ryder Richards and Sue Anne Rische will be the 2010 Portales Art Council Artists-in-Residence from May 16 -May 29, 2010. The Dallas based artists will create works to be displayed through the summer in the ENMU-Portales RUNNELLLS GALLERY. An opening reception for the artists will be held on Thursday, May 27 beginning at 5 p.m.

The Portales Arts Council has developed the Artist–in–Residenc program to interact with the public in a cultural discourse while promoting Portales. The artists are invited to explore the diversity and culture of Portales, incorporating their impressions of the city into the work that they create. For the inaugural artist-in-residence program PAC has chosen to bring in two Dallas based artists who have exhibited nationally and internationally: Ryder Richards and Sue Anne Rische.

Richards and Rische live and teach in Dallas, Texas. Most recently they attended an artist-in-residence program in Germany where they procured a Museum exhibition in 2011. Both artists appreciate the ability of a new location, such as Portales, to inspire ideas while calling into question long held assumptions. Richards says “The dedicated studio time and relative isolation found in Portales is a blessing for us. It allows us to engage a different way of thinking, which can have a profound impact on the art that we create.”

The artists have been chosen for their ability to affably engage the public while providing a high level of artistic expression and intellectual rigor. Richards is currently working on large scale drawings that protrude from the walls on wooden structures. His work often engages topics of masculinity and power and utilizes materials such as gunpowder and gold to further develop his concepts. Riche’s art often develops from alternative processes and materials with an eye for detail and ephemeral beauty. Currently she has experimented with layering recycled materials to create intricate drawings and large scale installations.

Runnels Gallery is located on the ENMU-P campus at 1500 S Ave K, Portales, NM.

For more information contact PAC President Chris Taylor at chris.taylor@enmu.edu.


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