Rische and Richards

Richards and Rische

May 27-July 27,2010
Runnels Gallery, ENMU-Portales, NM

“2010 Inaugural Artist in Residence Program” sponsored by the Portales Arts Council
All works created during the artists stay in Portales, NM from May 16 -May 26, 2010.

Richards: The primary source of my inspiration was the F-111 statuary at the entrance of the city. This symbol signifies the support and sustenance of the city by its relation to Cannon Air Force Base.  This is an economic and institutional structure that is anchored, physically and metaphorically, to Portales. By overlaying the F-111 shape with images of the city, mostly systems of industrialization such as power lines and processing plants, a complex portrait was revealed. I find these systems (Cannon Air Force Base, the industrial aspect of the city, and it’s power source) become an interrelated symbiotic system, giving sustenance and preserving an economic balance.
Rische: I chose to use the time given to me by the Portales Residency to explore a material I had never used before: plastic bags. Many different ideas were explored, and often times simply working on one thing can spark an idea for another. I’ve always felt New Mexico was a spiritual place, and there is an undercurrent of this in this body of work.
I had an opportunity to visit Sunland Peanut, was impressed with their organic operation, and felt inspired to incorporate the peanut into a couple of works. I collected many bags from the locals, and earned a few myself via purchases made in Portales. My hope is to raise awareness in a community that depends on another city for recycling.


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