“Trajectory” in Dallas, TX

Ryder Richards

WHERE: ThirdSpace, presented by Ro2 Art, benefiting DPAP
1608 Main St. Dallas, TX 75201
WHEN: Aug 7- 24, 2010.
Opening Reception: Saturday, Aug 7, 6-9 p.m.

“Trajectory” is presented by Ro2 Art at ThirdSpace, benefiting Dallas Public Arts Project. Ryder Richards’ new drawings, installations, and sculptures are derived from the ballistic trajectory of a .243 Winchester rifle. The works explore the physical and metaphorical quandary of a trajectory as a quantified destiny, attempting to alter the predetermined path. The works will be on view August 7th through the 28th, 2010. Please join us for the opening receptions Saturday, August 7, 6-9 p.m.

Richards new drawings, recently shown in San Antonio at Cactus Bra Space, take the form of installation as images and structures pull free of the walls or, inversely, form a rupture in a wall. About his work Richards says, “Trajectory is essentially a path with a predetermined conclusion. I am interested in a Newtonian predetermination applied to social and cultural constructs. The ability for a condition to be predicted based on its initial velocity intrigues me and I am curious as to the ability to map human development in much the same way. Will I be like my father? If I am not, what enormous amount of force must be exerted in order to unbalance the equation of the path before me?”

The exhibition features a large antelope head, drawn in gunpowder and gold leaf, presenting itself as deity and target amidst the trajectories. The antelope offers a focal point for assigning possibilities of value and/or hope within the context of the exhibition.

Richards, the gallery coordinator at Richland College, Dallas, will also display works from his most recent artist-in-residence in Portales, NM where he focused on the symbiotic system between the city and local air force base. The art displays a portrait of the isolation, industrial aspect and the static notion of escape represented by a large F-111 fighter plane anchored to the highway median at the entrance of the city.

Ro2 Art is Jordan Roth and Susan Roth-Romans. ThirdSpace is located at 1608 Main St. in downtown Dallas. The event will benefit Dallas Public Arts Project. For more information please visit ro2art.com or  www.thirdspaceevent.com or call   (214) 741-1075   (214) 741-1075 .

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Extra images of an uncommon occurrence:

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Kevin Prater_ C-list celebrity showed up... Collin Hanks and Bradley Whitford walked by the show...

Photoshoot for Andrea Reich Fender's Jewelry


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