“.270 Winchester with Scope”

Gunpowder, graphite, and cut paper.

This was a Demonstration piece I did for an interview. (The Dallas Hispanic MTV  thingy airing on the 22nd of Aug, 2010.)

After coming home I cut the pattern shapes from the paper. I have done similar things before, but it seems that this cutting and patterning continues to become an integral step in several of my pieces.

And on to the next piece…

Pistolero by Ryder“Pistolero”

Gunpowder, Graphite and Gold leaf on paper

This is more of a study in how the subject matter becomes hidden/diffused or secondary on the patterned background. Of course the gunpowder spread onto the gold leaf really added some great coloration and further fused and confused the difference between pattern and object.

And on to the next one…

5″ x 7″ Revolvers

Here are 2 little pieces I did for a commission.

They have similar imagery to several other pieces I have created.

Video of the burn:

And on to the next one…


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