Get Your Toes Wet

Dallas Public Arts Project

The Dallas Public Arts Project presents their first public art program, Get Your Toes Wet. The live ‘round-robin’ figure drawing spectacle will be held Thurday, SEPTEMEBR 30th at 6:30 PM in downtown Dallas at ThirdSpace, 1608-C Main Street.  A silent auction of the final pieces will be held at 8 PM.

Get Your Toes Wet, titled for its reference to the non-profit’s inaugural endeavor will feature five emerging artists in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area: Suzie Brown, Bernie Diaz, David Connolly, Patrick Schneider, and Ryder Richards, as they give viewers a peek at an interactive and live figure drawing session. Inspired by the Exquisite Corpse practice and Surrealist movements, the event will allow the spectators to witness artists as they demonstrate their raw talent in an improvisatory drawing format, adding to each sketch in whatever fashion they see fit.

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Gunpowder Demo at Thirdspace

Gunpowder Demo at ThirdSpace, Dallas in Aug, 2010

“.270 Winchester with Scope”
gunpowder and graphite on paper

This is a demo piece that I did for a small audience during my ThirdSpace exhibition.

I got a nice ball of fire when this one burned, which is great for a demo and not so cool for the cleanliness of the art.

Alexandra Olivia from Pegaus News took some images and video of the burn… It is always a bit awkward listening to myself ramble on about nonsense. (I need to work on my showmanship.) Either way, the demo was a pleasant experience and the folks involved were very supportive.

Pegasus News:: Video of gunpowder demo

And the other little one seen in the above video:

“Fine, Susan, Fine”
gunpowder and graphite on paper

This was a smaller demo piece done at the smae time as the one above.

Susan Roth-Romans called it hers early on, as she does with most of my work. And after much tongue-in-cheek haranguing this one really is hers, hence the title.

Interview on Homo-Neurotic

After my Dallas show I was offered an interview opportunity with Homo-Neurotic, a gay gentleman’s blog.

Check out the results here:

I have also printed a .pdf version of the article if you want to read an illformatted version of the same thing: http___www.homo-neurotic


So, I seem to be receiving a proportionately high level of attention from the gay communitites. The Dallas branch of Gay List, an online community, has featured my work on their newsletter.