Gunpowder Demo at Thirdspace

Gunpowder Demo at ThirdSpace, Dallas in Aug, 2010

“.270 Winchester with Scope”
gunpowder and graphite on paper

This is a demo piece that I did for a small audience during my ThirdSpace exhibition.

I got a nice ball of fire when this one burned, which is great for a demo and not so cool for the cleanliness of the art.

Alexandra Olivia from Pegaus News took some images and video of the burn… It is always a bit awkward listening to myself ramble on about nonsense. (I need to work on my showmanship.) Either way, the demo was a pleasant experience and the folks involved were very supportive.

Pegasus News:: Video of gunpowder demo

And the other little one seen in the above video:

“Fine, Susan, Fine”
gunpowder and graphite on paper

This was a smaller demo piece done at the smae time as the one above.

Susan Roth-Romans called it hers early on, as she does with most of my work. And after much tongue-in-cheek haranguing this one really is hers, hence the title.


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