Ok, here are 2 pieces finished recently.
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The Temporary Collective

One night only rockin’ event.

“The Temporary Collective”
Curated by Ricardo Paniagua
Continental Gin Bldg., 3309 Elm St., Dallas, TX

Friday night from 6-??
as part of the Open Studios tour.

I made this piece based on a water tower in the midst of the Continental Gin Complex, which backs up to the railroad. It is a more organic form than I usually create, which still unbalances me a bit. I like it that the image flexes off the tracks, bending away from the rail type structure that is it’s destiny.

I guess I was thinking of the antiquated nature of this structure: the monolithic power structure reduced to nostalgia/ beauty. So, now it is a great object that is has been outdated in many ways, but the sentiment of security (possibly salvation) remains associtated with the large reserve of water in a towering form. Anyway, most of the water towers in the area now act as a canvas for urban graffitti, so why not make more art out of it?

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Ergonomics of Futility

Presented by Ro2 Art and Ryder:

“The Ergonomics of Futility”

An Installation/ Performance by Sheepad Joglekar and Ian F. Thomas.
Saturday, Nov 20th, 7-10 PM
Location: 411 N. Tyler St, Dallas, TX _ map
(Tyler/Davis Arts District in North Oak Cliff)

Sheepad and Ian’s work explores the inefficiencies found in complacency, inflation, futility and politics. The Ergonomics of Futility will utilize and demonstrate, through performance and installation, the inevitable, redundant conflicts between idealism and the real. It is expected to present complex critiques of socio-economic hierarchies that are entangled in everyday life. Employing diverse methods, this one-night-only happening will shine a light on issues that impact all of us.

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