The Temporary Collective

One night only rockin’ event.

“The Temporary Collective”
Curated by Ricardo Paniagua
Continental Gin Bldg., 3309 Elm St., Dallas, TX

Friday night from 6-??
as part of the Open Studios tour.

I made this piece based on a water tower in the midst of the Continental Gin Complex, which backs up to the railroad. It is a more organic form than I usually create, which still unbalances me a bit. I like it that the image flexes off the tracks, bending away from the rail type structure that is it’s destiny.

I guess I was thinking of the antiquated nature of this structure: the monolithic power structure reduced to nostalgia/ beauty. So, now it is a great object that is has been outdated in many ways, but the sentiment of security (possibly salvation) remains associtated with the large reserve of water in a towering form. Anyway, most of the water towers in the area now act as a canvas for urban graffitti, so why not make more art out of it?

By the way, my favorite part is the sexy shadow cast on the wall…


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