Annual Richland College Faculty Show, Brazos Gallery, Dallas
Nov 11-23, 2010

This is my piece for our faculty show…

“The Contingent Reality of Solipsism: Form Follows Me, Tado Ando”
acrylic paint, wood, screws
15′ tall, 4′ wide, 10′ deep

So, this is a big piece for a faculty show… I was thinking about the arbitrary dimensions stipulated for gallery shows, which is usually based upon available wall space. This piece was designed to take up a small footprint, 24″x8″, and expand as it reached above the 8′ mark.
Oddly enough this is where the title comes from… If one is going to make a huge piece for a show of small works then one must have a tremendous ego. And I suppose I do, but at least I find it amusing how big my ego is.

I also looked up several architects who have created tree shapes or support structures, Tado Ando’s Ft. Worth Museum of Art being a central inspiration. This is one of my latest attempts to use structure as a symbiotic system with a stylized pattern. I am interested in the way the pattern disrupts and takes over the form, adding beauty and distraction.

I think of this relationship between form and image/decoration as romance.

On a side note:
I am playing with the ideas of antiquated usage being subsumed by beauty. Violence being masked in decoration. Power camouflaged in seduction. I am also interested in the potential for collapse of this system of aggrandizement or glorification. It is fascinating to me that a high level of romantic nostalgia is placed upon many of these items, and for those that are not a careful application of beauty can sway sentiment.


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