D-Magazine: How Community Colleges are Changing the Dallas Art Scene

The schools may be small, but they’re taking risks and creating galleries for alternative art and artist interaction.

Photo of Ryder Richards by Sam Fleischman

If you had walked into Richland College’s Brazos Gallery on the evening of September 3, 2010, you would not have seen a single painting on a wall, sculpture on a pedestal, or print in a frame. Instead, you would have seen a strange, machine-like object in the center of the room, flashing lights and laser projections. The piece, Personal Victories, by artist Richie Budd, wasn’t exactly something you would find in the galleries in the Design District. It was a multimedia experience, the kind of art spectacle that you imagine confronting in a gallery in London’s Tate Modern or at a special installation at Mass MoMA. But was it art? It felt more like a performance than object.

Richland College gallery coordinator Ryder Richards got the same sort of puzzlement from the art department administration when he proposed hosting the exhibition of Budd’s work. “They said, ‘Well, do you think it is art?’ ” Richards says. “And I said, ‘Oh yeah.’ And they said, ‘Okay, let’s go for it.’ ”

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“Response” with Ben Lewis

Culture Laboratory Collective is having a show at Richland College, Dallas. February 3- March 3, 2011.
The show is called “Response” where we have an outside party offer a 12-13 word sentence from which we each take a word and make art from it. In this exhibit the awesome and famous Ben Lewis from ‘Art Safari,’ London, offered us this sentence: “Nowadays we must distinguish between the deeply superficial and the superficially superficial.”

I was randomly selected to take on the word ‘superficial’.

Here is what I made…

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