“Response” with Ben Lewis

Culture Laboratory Collective is having a show at Richland College, Dallas. February 3- March 3, 2011.
The show is called “Response” where we have an outside party offer a 12-13 word sentence from which we each take a word and make art from it. In this exhibit the awesome and famous Ben Lewis from ‘Art Safari,’ London, offered us this sentence: “Nowadays we must distinguish between the deeply superficial and the superficially superficial.”

I was randomly selected to take on the word ‘superficial’.

Here is what I made…

It is an old exhaust from a truck that I had chromed. Notice the nice tribal tattoo pattern cut into the muffler? Yep, that is a tramp stamp on a chromed up, worn-out exhaust system.

So, to me, this talks about many levels of superficial nature… most importantly is the need to see ourselves constantly while recognizing our inability to see ourselves honestly. It also speaks to me of upgrading and attempts at beautification that seem ill conceived.



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