Fulfilling the Void (pt. I)

Fulfilling the Void: Orchid- graphite, goldleaf on paper, 30"x22", 2011

These works have developed from several ideas about architecture and information/ideas that are built into the systems with which we are surrounded. I am interested in the temes and memes that implant themselves, using humans as carriers to transfer and host ideas. I see this as information replication, often related to sociology and human behavior.

A system is a network of ideas and people, often embodied by physical items. I have been using rifles in my art to talk about power and masculinity while exploring the social construct that surrounds them. This mentality of power, violence, is pervasive in rural areas, therefore it must replicate itself.
Can ideas, through their objects, have sex? Does the object seduce and implant it’s construct within the unwitting recipient?

"Fulfilling the Void: Orchid" graphite, acrylic, and gold leaf on wood, 84"x 60"_ 2011

This is a larger, more sculptural version, of “Orchid” installed at 3601 Euclid, Dallas. Notice the colored reflection in the image below. I painted the back of the structure hot pink so it would have a neon glow reflected on the wall.

"Fulfilling the Void: Orchid" graphite, acrylic, and gold leaf on wood, 84"x 60"_ 2011

see the images and videos below…

2 videos of the gunpowder burns used to create the images above…

video of “Cross” creation:

video of “Inverse” creation:


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