Fulfilling the void (pt. II)

These works are explorations of space, most notably characterized by populating a circular form with a pattern to dirupt any idea of pure space, instead exploring ideas of the positive/negative shifts that alter our perception. There are 2 rifles, barrel to barrel, forming a negative space phallus ejaculating upwards also disguised, disrupted, by this pattern. The content, masculine and phallic, machine and organic, forms a layering of complexity subverting the imagery into designed beauty. This is, of course, by intent. It is cultural camoflauge.


The idea for me, is to present something beautiful, offering a subliminal message of power and violence that the viewer walks away from without fully realizing. It is the way subtle temes and memes work in society to replicate themselves, the viewer is simply a host to the idea and as such it has a virulent spread due to our inability to recognize the source.

I equate this spread of ideas with cultural violence and power.


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