Piotr Chizinski: Socio-Academic Judo

Piotr Chizinski
“Socio-academic Judo”

Piotr Chizinski is the epitome of C.P. Snow’s “Third Culture.” Posited as the empirical intellect bridging the humanities and sciences, the “Third Culture” resists academic specificity to more fully navigate cultural inquiry within a real world context.

Engaged in social interaction through art, Chizinski draws from several fields of study to continually explore the ineffable socio-economic worth of individuals. Utilizing the cumbersome methodology of academia against itself, the work logically disrupts current assumptions by accentuating the disparity between past and present “truths.” Chizinski, comfortably employing symbolic low-class motifs, issues a reflexive warning against marginalization while cleverly dispelling trust in academic fortitude.

Chizinski’s most recent work is based on troubling “scientific” texts justifying the sterilization of over 60,000 Americans in the early 1900’s Eugenics movement. His piece Centre for Calculation distills Eugenics into an interactive, sickening experience. Within the piece, one may choose to take a complicated “Breeding Exam” developed from the original 1914 exam, which determines one’s aptitude as breeding stock. The result often delivered is the dry determination: “you are unfit for breeding.”

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Ryder Richards: Pow[d]er

Ryder Richards: Pow[d]er
Art Corridor II, Tarrant County College- SE
2100 Southeast Parkway, Arlington, TX

March 24- April 23, 2011
Opening reception: March 24, 4-6:30 PM

“Pow[d]er” explores power structures as systems of reproductive ideology and seduction. Richards, artist and gallery director at Richland College, Dallas, offers new gunpowder drawings and large sculptures drawing associations between weaponry and beauty.

The work is an investigation into the power of the subliminal ideas or ‘temes’ within society, featuring an architectural installation pulsing with activity and sound along with several new, intricate drawings, made by igniting gunpowder on paper. The imagery offers organic patterns disguising and disrupting rifles set to impregnate the space —or the mind. (insert sinister laughter here)

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