A.I.R. Paducah, KY

Artist(s)-in-Residence, Paducah Arts Alliance, Paducah, KY

Piotr Chizinski (Cornell University Grad student and collaborator on the RJP Nomadic Gallery) has joined me for two weeks in Paducah, Kentuacky exploring the town and making art. So far we have combined good art making with a series of minor tragedies. My newish Honda’s radiator blew, I had it replaced and promptly got run off the road into a bar-ditch/culvert. Piotr just sprained his ankle playing a vicious round of full contact badminton. I got Poison Ivy from crawling out of my upside down car. All in all, it has made for great dinner conversation.

I gave a gunpowder demo on Saturday. Piotr acted as agitator and MC, working the crowd and making the event a resounding success. We gave a second artist talk and presentation on Thursday night (June 16) at the Yeiser Art Center. It was also quite successful as we engaged the audience in conversation about the city of Paducah and how our artwork was centrally concerned with the complex infrastructure and contradictions inherent in being a riverside city. (see video below for a brief rundown of some of the art created.)

iList (pdf)

Paducah Sun, Friday, June 17, 2011_ Front Page

┬áPaducah Arts Alliance: Facebook page – Video of Gunpowder demo from “Live on Broadway” 6/11/2011



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