Pleasure Principle

2 pieces I recently completed…

Both works are 30″x22″ gunpowder, gold leaf and graphite on paper. 
I was considering the aggrandizement of men, the trend to monumentally capture men reveling in their power.  These images depict men forcibly dominating women and these actions, possibly considered heinous, are portrayed in such a way as to appeal not only visually, but also to the monstrous nature of dominion, power, and violence perpetrated and mythologized by the classic sculptures from which these are drawn.

Self critique: I am not really comfortable with these images yet. They have some good things going on. One of them became too hot during the burn, sacrificing some clarity for atmosphere, causing a further disruption of the pattern and figures. This may be good, but it is not what I intended, so I am unsure as how to proceed.


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