Full Circle

Full Circle: works by Ken Dixon and Ryder Richards
South Plains College Gallery, South Plains College, Levelland, TX
Oct. 16th- Dec. 16th, 2011
Opening Reception/ Gallery Talk: Sunday, October 16th, 2:30- 5:00 PM

Press Release I:

Usually statements try to connect all the dots so we will say that Ken, a Professor Emeritus from Texas Tech and nationally exhibited artist, mentored young Richards, who is currently active as an artist, educator, and galleriest in the Dallas area.  Considering simultaneity in current bodies of work and an 11 year friendship we decided to exhibit together to “fully investigate the cyclic synchronicity of spirit effervescing through time and space…..blah, blah…. the contingent reality of….blah…..human condition juxtaposed with indelible wit”.*

*We just wanted to exhibit together. Okay? …..and “hang out” like the days when Ryder would help Ken assemble  exhibitions and haul them off and install them in places like Austin, Texas.

Come to the Gallery Talk on Sunday, October 16 and we will get to the details about  the importance of our travels, our reading, and 11 years of long and continual conversations.

Press Release II:

South Plains College Fine Arts Gallery presents “Full Circle,” an installation of works by Ken Dixon, Lubbock and Ryder Richards, Dallas. Embracing the pervasive influence of history and regional context upon art, Dixon and Richards display works that respond to the permanent collection of eight 18th and 19th century paintings in the Fine Arts Gallery. The exhibit seeks to bridge the contextual realities of these paintings as imported cultural treasures housed in a rural West Texas landscape. Individual works by Dixon and Richards relate to these paintings as concise poems, issuing symbolic, fragmented stanzas aligned with discovery and loss, tragedy and classical virtue, both challenging and refreshing the relationships of art world antiquity to modern day art in West Texas.

Dixon, a Texas Tech University Professor for 28 years, moved into a full-time studio practice in 2003. Richards, a former student and studio assistant for Dixon, is currently the Gallery Coordinator for Richland College, Dallas. The exhibit is the culmination of 14 years of continual dialogue between the artists. Utilizing wood construction, gunpowder, and paint the works disrupt and compound the viewing process, presenting a complex set of marks and shadows in which a history of physicality is nurtured and preserved. The works provide a tenuous narrative akin to the massive canvases, which were originally part of the C.W. Post and the Marjorie Merriweather Post Art Collections gifted to South Plains College in 1973. Interesting to both Dixon and Richards is the legend that the American author, Edna Ferber was inspired to write the novel “Giant” on one of her visits to the C. W. Post ranches in West Texas.

The exhibition runs through December 15, 2011.  Contact Allison Black: ablack@southplainscollege.edu


2 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. best artist statement for a show- ever… it has an acute comical angle that is….blah…blah….the immaculately simple anti-diatribe of the modern…blah…blah…. – awesome show guys!

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