Ryder Richards :: art site

RJP Nomadic Gallery :: RJP Nomadic Gallery is a traveling gallery utilizing a Ryder truck as a gallery structure. It is the brain child of Ryder Richards, Piotr Chizinski and Jonathan Whitfill. (est 2007)

Culture Laboratory Collective :: A collective made up of 13 artists from the U.S. who are interested in the social aspects of art within an exhibition context. (est 2009)

Cirkit of Mythos :: A group of Dallas artists

TBA :: Collaborations with John Frost

The Art Foundation :: Formed as an investigative endeavor employing open intellectual practices, the group aims to cultivate artistic dialogue in Dallas through concise critical and aesthetic explorations in the form of exhibitions, interventions and the written word.


Sue Anne Rische
Piotr Chizinski
Jonathan Whitfill
Ian Thomas
Nola Richards
Chad Plunkett
John Frost


Vincent Wojtas
Billy Hassell
Gowri Savoor
J. Derrick Durham
Jane Huntington
Ju Young Ban
Kate Rivers
Marcia Neblett
Shaun ‘El C.’ Leonardo
Nathan Green

Arden Hendrie

Amy Johnson


Ian O’Brien
Ian F. Thomas
Shreepad Joglekar

Loren Erdrich

Jen Rose

David Willburn
Mark Collop
Simeen Ishaque
Joe Balat
John Hartley
Hans Molzberger
Eric Tosten
Steve Cruz

Eric Eley

++ miscellaneous ++

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