REVIEW: Fresh Meat

500X Fresh Meat: College Expo
Jurors: Cris Worley and Erick Swenson
500X Gallery, Dallas, TX
Oct. 15- Oct. 31, 2011

published by D Magazine Front Row

Fun adverts, two hip art world jurors, and the 500x openness to experimentation has created an exciting college art exhibit. Jurors Cris Worley—owner and director of Cris Worley Fine Arts in Dallas— and Erick Swenson—international art star— selected 43 from 900 pieces, presenting a strong exhibit of what turned out to be primarily Metro-plex talent. Occupying both floors and resisting the “more is better” tendency, the show has a sprawling, spacious quality. The majority of pieces display a figurative inclination and graphic strength conveying resolved consideration, yet there are also several surprises including some accomplished ceramics.

Not surprisingly one work resembles Fresh Meat: chopped logs filled with silicon representing muscle, fat and sinew. Amputee by Rachel Muldez [UD] is an anthropomorphized and didactic reminder of our planetary destruction yet remains disgustingly, darkly humorous, overcoming it’s preachiness through craftsmanship and humor.

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Hunters Welcome: Review

Hunters Welcome

artist: Mark Collop

New Project Space @ 500X
Dallas, TX

The new project space at 500 X has balls: big red, glittering, pig balls. Thanks to Mark Collop’s exhibit, “Hunters Welcome,” the space offers a disturbing commentary on hunting culture and masculinity complicated by sacral references. The installation reveals hunting’s situational power, and subsequent deification, while exposing its gruesome underbelly… or something close to it.

Why should we care if a fringe group of armed citizens finds sport in hunting and all the subsequent tomfoolery surrounding death, guns and alcohol? Because this previously time honored profession of hunter has become obsolete as a practical necessity in America, yet continues to offer a very real, possibly pathological and primal, experience to many men and some women.

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