Fried Gold and Patent Portraits

Co: Modify” Culture Laboratory Collective @ Nave Museum, Victoria, TX
Dec 8, 2011 -Jan 22, 2012

2 new series developed for “Co: Modify” based on the theme of “commodification as a form of validation of life concepts.”

Part I: 

Fried Gold: Best Idea Ever
battered and deep fried gold plated necklaces [2011]

Anything can be made better by deep-frying it.

And nothing is better than gold.

Taking a decidedly “State Fair” approach to increasing the value of gold, the piece considers the nature of wealth as a commodity to be digested. And our efforts to increase that consumption.

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Response: Noah Simblist_ “am”

Culture Laboratory Collective exhibited at Box 13 Artspace, Houston, TX from Aug 6- Sep 10, 2011. “Response II: Noah Simblist” will be on display at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY from Sep 26-30, 2011 and at Slippery Rock University in PA in January 2012.

I curated the exhibit (or concept for the show.) For an outside influence I asked artist/writer Noah Simblist to compose a sentence from which we would make art: “I am writing this (self reflexive) sentence but it is writing you.”

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“Response” with Ben Lewis

Culture Laboratory Collective is having a show at Richland College, Dallas. February 3- March 3, 2011.
The show is called “Response” where we have an outside party offer a 12-13 word sentence from which we each take a word and make art from it. In this exhibit the awesome and famous Ben Lewis from ‘Art Safari,’ London, offered us this sentence: “Nowadays we must distinguish between the deeply superficial and the superficially superficial.”

I was randomly selected to take on the word ‘superficial’.

Here is what I made…

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