Masculinity (?)

If it was all a joke it would be forgivable…

I had the idea for these drawings 4 months ago and finally decided to finish them. The impetus came from an art lecture with my class where they were overly concerned with the piece ‘buckshot‘ that I made in Germany this summer.  I described these as investigations of Cultures of Honor* and discussed the manifestation of masculinity in a phallo-centric culture.

I don’t think they bought it.

*A Culture of Honor is usually found in rural areas where honor is paramount to survival, therefore violence is swift and necessary. See Richard Nesbet and Dov Cohen’s book “Culture of Honor”


Culture Laboratory: So say we all, sort of…

Culture Laboratory is a collective group of ten artists who have a similar goal: to exhibit art work and remain in dialogue with other artists. We hail from all parts of the United States, but a strong Texas background permeates the collective. The artist members talk together every two weeks in an on-line chat room format.  As we converse we develop more ideas about how the group should evolve and function in the future. At times the Culture Lab can resemble a chaotic social experiment.

So say we all... installation shot
Our first exhibition “Culture Lab:: So Say We All, Sort Of…” was at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. A Culture Lab member, JD Durham, coordinated and curated the exhibition. On Friday, July 31st 2009 we have the Closing Reception at 5PM and the Gallery Talk at 3PM.

(Artists: Lauren Boldon, Piotr Chizinski, Loren Erdrich, JD Durham, Shreepad Joglekar, Ryder Richards, Ian F Thomas, Dryden Wells & Jonathan Whitfill)
(website is still under construction, but some images are posted.)