Americas 2010: Paperworks

Bombs (a.k.a. for all the love in the world)_30x22x8_gunpowder, graphite on paper on wood structure

Americas 2010: Paperworks

Juror : Heidi Goldberg

Northwest Art Center,
Hartnett Hall Gallery,
Minot State University, Minot, ND
January 11 – February 24, 2010

“Congratulations! We are pleased to notify you that your work, ‘Bombs,’ has been accepted for inclusion in the Northwest Art Center’s Americas 2010: Paperworks exhibition and has been honored with a Merit Award.”


Details {pt. II}

Spandau I_ 30″x22″, graphite on paper.

The Spandau lMG 08 (c.1918). My friend Alvaro Perez brought this gun to my attention. This version, the leichtes Maschinen Gewehr or light machine gun, was mounted on aircraft. ‘Spandau’ is a borough of Berlin in which these guns were made.

The perforated jacket is the beauty and failing of this gun. I am interested in the perforations as windows in a tower-like structure. Taken symbolically this structure was created and collapsed by war.

Spandau II_ 30″x22″, graphite on paper.


.243 Trajectory_ 24″x48″_ gunpowder, graphite, gold leaf, white acrylic on wood panel.

The title  comes from the gunpowder curve, which is based on the trajectory of a bullet shot from a .243 Remington rifle. (y axis= 1″ = 2″ of drop, x axis= 1″ =10 yards)

This is the first in a series of pieces based on ideas of how one might achieve salvation within a culture of honor. I am currently questioning how male youth finds presidence for behavior based on the examples set by one’s culture. What are the values in the system and how does one achieve them? Once the desired values are achieved is salvation still a viable option?

.270 Trajectory_ 32″x48″_ gunpowder, graphite, gold leaf, white acrylic on wood panel.

Warning: The video is a bit anti-climatic.

video of the .270 burn:

Jen Korte & the Loss_CD artwork

Jen Korte and the Loss found me online and asked to use some of my art. They used some images for their new CD and for the album release posters. You can also find one of my gunpowder images on their website. (as of December 2009)

The band is based out of the Boulder, Colorado area and have some pretty darn good music. You can hear more on their MySpace page.