“Pow[d]er” video by Robert David Reedy

A friend of mine, Robert David Reedy, took the time to compile a video incorporating a sound interview for a short documentation of “Pow[d]er” at Tarrant County College-SE, Arlington.

Both voices are me speaking during the exhibit and after the exhibit about the notions behind the work. I really dig the slightly insane atmosphere he produced in the video.


Construct: Curated by Ryder Richards


featuring Nathan Green, Jeff Mueller, Thor Johnson, Monica Vidal

March 10-27, 2011
Opening Reception:
Thursday, March 10, 4-7 PM


Richland College’s Brazos Gallery hosts “Construct,” featuring Nathan Green, Thor Johnson, Jeff Mueller and Monica Vidal. The exhibition contains undulating video patterning, meticulously crafted narratives, and spatial/perceptual inquiries. The vibrant and multi-faceted art works challenge and captivate viewers while avoiding prescribed methodologies. The exhibition will take place from March 10 through 27, 2011 with an opening reception on Thursday, March 10 from 4-7 PM.

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RJP Nomadic Gallery_ TX Biennial 2011

The RJP Nomadic Gallery will be a participating organization with the Texas Biennial 2011

Ryder Jon Piotrs Nomadic Gallery presents Unpacking Access, Friday, April 15, Austin, Texas
Live Performances::
Trailer Space Records (1319 Rosewood Avenue) @ 7
Pump Project (702 Shady Lane)@ 9

(for more information please visit the Ryder Jon Piotrs website)

5-ryder-jon-piotrs_marfaFormed in 2007, the roving project RJP Nomadic Gallery has both exhibited at numerous venues and served as a venue for curated exhibitions. Unpacking Access is a performance investigating the possibility of decentralizing more traditional art distribution systems. Nomadic Gallery founders and artists Ryder Richards (Dallas, TX), Jonathan Whitfill (Lubbock, TX) and Piotr Chizinski (Ithaca, NY) use a rented 40’ Ryder moving truck to transport a ‘gallery kit’ which enables them to transform the vehicle into a functioning art venue. The work seeks to import open source media concepts and values to the notion of ‘the art exhibition’, modeling alternative forms of community access, engagement and collaborative ingenuity.

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