Willie Baronet’s Sexual Debris at Central Trak

“Willie Baronet: Evaluating Vulgarity”
part of the UTD MFA exhibition “Four”
UTD CentralTrak, Dallas
June 11 – July 9, 2011

published by D Magazine Front Row

Red lips mouthing obscenities are likely to turn people on. However, Willie Baronet’s video work “SPAM” baits and switches, offering vulgarity as deadpan reality. The video, projected on a large flat screen with headphones, displays portraits of the lips of 90 women speaking phrases gleaned from pornographic junk e-mail. The close-cropped format portrays the mouths as vagina dentata, at once objectified yet made oddly personal by the age lines, skin tones and imperfect teeth. Presenting porn without the pouty-lipped sultriness expected, the piece robs the phrases of erotic fantasy, relegating them to disturbing silliness and generating more than a few chuckles.

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Wunderkammer: Southern Art Cross Pollinates at Conduit


“Wunderkammer: Southern Art Cross-Pollinates at Conduit”

Wunderkammer (wonder room)
Curator: Phillip M. Jones
Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX
July 9 – August 31, 2011

published by D Magazine Front Row

Golden animal skulls overlook mannequin sentinels, gaudily guarding shelves of translucent castings, minute paintings and a dry piece of fruit crushed by a vice.
Turning to wonder at idiosyncratic profusion Wunderkammer displays roughly 150 art objects, organized and categorized as the specimens of an eclectic “Curiosity Cabinet.” Started in the 16th century by royalty and scholars, the concept of wunderkammer encouraged the collecting and cataloging of the arcane in an effort to better embrace an ever-expanding world. In this multi-city collaborative exhibit, curator Phillip M. Jones (director of Institute 193, Lexington, Kentucky) selected art defying easy classification from several Kentucky artists and selected Conduit Gallery artists.

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“Precious Cargo” by TBA

TBA presents Precious Cargo

Richland College’s Brazos Gallery presents the first collaborative effort of TBA. During a month long installation an 8’ crate will be transformed into a response to the uncertainties of nature. Stuffed with components salvaged from previous art works, the minimalist cube releases artistic detritus from which shelter and chaos may take form. The exhibition opens August 4th with a CLOSING RECEPTION on Wednesday, August 31st from 4-7 PM.

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Eric Eley, John Frost, and Ryder Richards

Ro2 Art-Uptown, Dallas
3699 McKinney Ave
Aug. 13- 28, 2011

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 13th, 6-9 PM.

Artists Talk: Thursday, Sep 1, 6-7 PM.

Ro2 Art hosts “import” featuring recent Dallas imports Eric Eley, John Frost, and Ryder Richards. A similarity of refinement and intellectual consideration unites the drawings and sculptures of the three artists. The works will be on display at Ro2 Art’s new space, 6399 McKinney Ave. in the West Village. Join us for the opening reception Saturday, August 13th from 6-9 PM.

Gallery artist Ryder Richards invites contemporaries Eric Eley and John Frost to exhibit with him. Richards stated that after finding aesthetic commonalities in the works, further conversations revealed biographical commonalities: each artist recently moved-to or returned-to Dallas. “We are all in our thirties, educators, seriously working on an art career and introducing ourselves to the Dallas art community,” says Richards. “As such, the city plays a role in our continued development.”

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